How To Save Water At Home

Water is a basic need, yes we cannot stay without water. This is why we must save water all cost. Children must be taught on this important skill to be able to stay away from drought and other water-related crisis. Below are water saving tips that everyone must apply

Water saving

Repair leaking toilet and sinks

qaSDdfThis an aspect a good number of people ignore. That drop counts a lot and result to a huge loss at the end of the day. If you want to prove the massive loss, put a bucket under a leaking tap overnight. You will collect a full bucket of water the next day. This means you have been wasting a bucket full of water daily. Do the math and repair those leakages.

Take your car to the car wash

Sometimes you feel like washing your car during weekends or off days. Yes, this is a good idea but, leads to huge water loss. To save on this, take your car to the car wash because they use recycled water for cleaning cars.

Use the toilet correctly

When you use the toilet for any other reason other than calls of nature, you will end up with a clogged toilet. What happens after this, use of large amounts of water to push the waste away. This results in a huge loss water which could have been avoided in the first place

Reduce your shower time

qsqawswdHave you ever waited for your friend or partner get of the bathroom for more than thirty minutes? If you want to save on water, reduce that time to five does not mean the more you stay in the bathroom the cleaner you get. Instead of taking a shower for hours to help you wake up in the morning, a cup of coffee could be of much help.